Our Personal Training Services

We provide you with a customized personal training plan and  a customized diet plan which will enhance your results. ​We offer private on-site, and online and virtual personal training options, to accommodate our clients’ schedules and comfort levels.

Our in-studio sessions take place in a private location where it is just you and the trainer. No one is looking on or watching you while you train.

Pre- and Postnatal Fitness

Trainer Katie specializes in pre and postnatal fitness. She is a licensed doula and grew up attending pre-and postnatal consultations in England with her mother. She has ten years experience working with expectant mothers to keep them fit for labor, and improving their fitness after giving birth. We understand the challenges of new mothers looking to stay fit or to lose the last few pounds while staying healthy for their families.

Military Fitness

We are proud to work with the Fort Gordon military community to help them reach their fitness goals. We help our clients make lifestyle changes and get results that reduce the stress that comes with the PT test and weight restrictions.

We have helped over 80 members of our local military community get their top scores on PT tests. We have also helped many people on the brink of failure pass tape and weigh-ins without cheating the system. We are up to date on the current rules/regulations for all branches and physical capacity standards. We are familiar with and can coach every section of the ACFT (which is replacing the APFT) to perform the moves safely and effectively.​

Private Running/Cycle Coaching

Looking to conquer a 5k, 10k or a triathlon? Look no further. We will do the entire workout with you. Side by side. We will work on building up your run time from the couch to the final stretch. We run/cycle in all conditions. Never on the treadmill or indoor bike, always outside!


In-Studio Personal Training

 Our in-studio sessions take place in a private location where it is just you and the trainer.

No one is looking on or watching you while you train.

We also provide general life coaching during your training sessions to make sure your results are life long.

  • 60-minute session purchases include full nutrition plans, including shopping list and recipes tailored to your personal needs.
  • 24/7 phone support and accountability


Workouts and nutrition coaching delivered via our free fitness app. 

You’ll receive a personalized workout program, designed for in-gym workouts or at-home use.

After purchase, you’ll indicate where you will be working out and what equipment you will be using.

For the nutrition coaching, you’ll be able to indicate any allergies or food intolerance after purchase.

Online Personal Training Only

Online Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition coaching and meal plans include:

  • Weekly shopping lists to save you time and money
  • Recipes that your family will love
  • Meal ideas tailored to your personal needs and preferences
  • Weekly plans that help you stay on-track and making progress towards your goals.
  • Choose from post-baby plans, monthly ketogenic plans, and customized plans