…lost over 150lbs in a year. She stuck with the nutrition plan we provided and worked out 4 times a week.


…lost 100lbs during her weight loss journey with Augusta personal training.

Jose lost weight and developed new eating habits.

This is the only before photo Jose had. He is a little shy! He lost over 35lbs and gained a new outlook on life. He is now coaching on healthy eating to other members of his family.


She has been preparing for her firefighting exam. She’s lost (to current date) 44lbs in six months.

She’s also packed on muscle enough for her to do 40 flights of stairs with 70lbs on her back.

Katie and Ashlee training at 11pm at night. Going above and beyond for our clients is what makes us the best.


…lost over 160lbs over 18 months. He worked out five days a week with Katie and followed a strict diet.